Nokia to launch Android smartphone at MWC


Device codenamed Nokia X/Nokia Normandy to be unveiled at the manufacturer’s press conference on February 24

Nokia will launch its first Android-based handset at Mobile World Congress this month. It will be unveiled at its press conference, taking place on the first morning of the annual trade event on February 24.

The device has been codenamed Nokia X or Nokia Normandy, and is expected to cater for the low-end of the market.

Nokia’s Facebook and Twitter pages have also been changed to green – a colour synonymous with Android.

In September, Microsoft announced it was buying Nokia’s mobile business for $7.2 billion (£4.6 billion). The deal is expected to be completed before the end of Q1.

Nokia has been working with Microsoft since February 2012, when decided to ditch its own OS Symbian in favour of using the company’s Windows Phone platform.