O2 offering free 4G to 3G customers with compatible handsets


Starting this week, the operator is contacting existing customers who have 4G-enabled phones to see if they would like to upgrade to the superfast service

O2 is offering existing 3G customers with a 4G-enabled handset the chance to upgrade to the superfast mobile broadband service for free.

Starting this week, O2 is contacting customers who bought 4G-enabled handsets on a 3G contract to see if they would like to upgrade to 4G with no extra cost.

O2 declined to say how many customers would be contacted, but said it currently has around one million customers with a 4G phone.

All relevant customers will be contacted within the next few weeks, the operator said.

O2 said: “Last December we launched some new Pay Monthly 4G tariffs, making it easy for customers to experience O24G. As part of this we’re also helping existing customers who have purchased a 4G-Ready handsets from us by adding our 4G service onto their 3G tariff at no extra cost, so they can experience some of the great benefits of O2 4G. We’re contacting those customers now and over the coming weeks to let them know about getting 4G.”