Exclusive: Viacloud CEO and CFO exit business


Emanuele Angelidis and Richard Schafer leave less than a year after joining

The chief executive officer of major new MVNA Viacloud has sensationally left the company, Mobile News can exclusively reveal.

Emanuele Angelidis confirmed that he had left the firm, less than a year after joining the company. Mobile News also understands chief financial officer, Richard Schafer has also left his role.

Viacloud, which announced in October that former EE chief executive and Virgin Mobile founder Tom Alexander was joining the board, refused to comment on the news but said it would make an official announcement in the coming days.

The Bahraini-backed firm announced a major strategic partnership with EE in July 2012 and has plans to become one of the biggest suppliers to MVNOs. It’s platform can support up to 7 million customers and it hopes to create the UK’s first 4G virtual network.

Its leadership team is littered with former senior executives from major operators. Angelidis is the former head of Bulldog Communications, while Schafer was previously at Vodafone UK.


  1. Viacloud CEO and CFO exit business

    Viacloud UK Platform may have been the state of the art in 2011! But now, it is out of warranty and is not supported with a cheap BSS suite that doesn’t offer much functionality to the business or their partners. This surely limits the success of Viacloud UK and their partners and may not be that successful.

    Also, Viacloud UK suffer a lack of technical and marketing expertise since the original crew who built up the network have all left in 2011 and 2012.

    My view, as shared by many, is that the business doesn’t need anymore management changes but rather a lot of investment.

  2. I am not surprised. After the key people left Viacloud in late 2011 / early 2012 two young consultants took over managing the company; in fact micro managing it.
    As a result, no decisions were made or took ages to be made, many good employees resigned, the wrong people were hired, the core business was neglected and millions were spent unnecessarily.
    Viacloud had great potential to be one of the key MVNA’s not only in Europe, but on a global scale
    I wonder how are the shareholders reacting !