Kazam unveils 11 handsets to go on sale from April


The manufacturer’s range includes five feature phones, a ruggedised handset and ‘Thunder’, a more high-end offering

Smartphone manufacturer Kazam has unveiled 11 handsets which will launch across Europe starting in April.

The company, founded by former HTC employees James Atkins and Michael Coombes, will launch 11 handsets in total under the ‘Thunder’, ‘Trooper’ and ‘Life’ ranges.

The Thunder range includes the 4G-enabled Thunder 2 4.5L and the five-inch Thunder 2 5.0. Both phones will come with quad-core processors.

Kazam has also updated its Trooper range, unveiled in November (see here), reducing it from seven handsets to five.

This will include the Trooper 6.0, 5.0, 4.5 and 4.0.

The Life range is made up of five feature phones which will come with a Smart SOS, an emergency button that if activated will call up to five pre-programmed contacts, moving onto the next contact if voicemail is reached.

Kazam’s Life R5 is a ruggedised phone.