CWU rejects O2 pay rise offer


The union will begin a second round of talks with O2 on February 24 in the hopes of improving on the 2.35 per cent increase offered

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has rejected O2’s offer to raise employee pay by 2.34 per cent as “falling short” of its aspirations.

The union began talks with O2 on the issue of pay last month after putting in a claim for pay increase across the board and above the rate of RPI (2.7 per cent in January).

CWU assistant secretary Sally Bridge said the next round of negotiations will take place on February 24.

“Although progress has been made in recent discussions with the company we still believe our members deserve more than the current offer of 2.35% on the table and this also falls short of our original claim.

“We’re hoping to recommend a suitable offer to the membership in the very near future,” Bridge said.

O2 is currently trialing a new pay structure across 51 stores, raising basic salaries to £16,000 (see here).