EE appoints NSN to boost 4G coverage to 95 percent


4G battle continues as EE seeks to boost coverage to 95 percent of population

EE has selected Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) to provide the infrastructure to cover an additional 25 percent of the UK population.

The operator believes this is a significant deal as it is a unilateral agreement meaning that it will be offering coverage that no other provider will have access to without installing their own equipment. It will increase EE’s 4G coverage to 95 percent of the population and NSN will also modernise EE’s 2G network.

“This partnership highlights our approach to maintaining a differentiated 4G network experience. We will continue to lead our UK competitors in speed, coverage, and reliability,” EE CEO Olaf Swantee said in a statement.

EE was keen to point out that this agreement was different to previous ones with Mobile Broadband Network Limited, the jointly-owned venture between EE and Three, as the latter has been cut out of the deal. There is no sharing of coverage with any other carrier, so the firm believes it will give them a competitive advantage.

Swantee told Mobile News last week that “there was more to competition than price”, as he accused Three of devaluing 4G by offering it for no additional cost.