HTC overhauls retail strategy


Manufacturer working with operators to build a more prominent presence in-store, including a dedicated HTC zone for demo devices to be displayed

HTC is looking to form closer ties with UK mobile operators and retailers as part of ambitious internal targets to more than double market share in 2014.

This is according to the firm’s UK, Nordic and partner markets vice president Peter Frølund, speaking last week during a business update in London.

Frølund told Mobile News the manufacturer, which according to research firm Kantar has just over five per cent share of the UK market, is working with all operators to build a “more permanent” presence in-store.

This, he claims, will involve each retail store having a dedicated HTC zone for demo devices to be displayed.

Frølund revealed HTC is also looking to forge greater ties regarding back-end operations, including working more closely with call-centre staff – and to become more involved with marketing campaigns in a bid to boost its awareness and appeal.

“We work with all operators in the UK but now we will make sure we know what they are doing, what their strategy is and how we can support them.

“Our assets can be part of their campaign. So instead of just saying ‘thank you very much for that PO’ it will be about sitting down and trying to understand what they are trying to do.”

“But it is not just a question of what happens in-store. When customers make or receive that call to renew their contract, HTC should be top of mind for CSAs.

Wider choice

He continued: “Our partners really want to work with us to achieve this as they would like customers to have a wider choice. They have an interest in selling and recommending more than just a few brands.”

Frølund revealed HTC’s UK team has increased by 30 per cent in the past 12 months as part of its push – but declined to discuss actual numbers.

He also revealed HTC has increased its annual marketing spend, which was $1 billion (£590 million) in 2013, but again declined to say by how much.