Two thirds of firms believe mobile represents significant security risk


Results revealed as part of new report – Cyber Threat: The Rise of Digital Criminality.

71 per cent of businesses believe that the adoption of mobile technology represents a significant security risk to their company.

The findings were released as part of an international survey of 500 IT and strategic decision makers at large corporates by IT security firm BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.

The survey also revealed that four out of ten UK respondents believed that a successful cyber attack would cost £50 million and a further ten per cent said the cost would be more than £10 million.

Encouragingly, 70 per cent of international organisations said they had a crisis response plan and 88 precent believed they were well equipped to repel any cyber assaults. Despite this, almost one in five people said they were unaware if their business had a plan to deal with attacks.

“Although mobile attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s encouraging to see a high level of awareness and concern of the mobile threat at board level,” Paul Henninger, global product director at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence said.

He adds: “Cyber threats are not the same as the everyday technology problems faced by businesses, so it’s especially important that the threats posed by cyber criminals, and the tactical impact that attacks can have on the business as a whole, are addressed at Board level and not treated as an IT problem alone.”