CWU accepts O2’s 2.6pc pay rise offer


O2’s original offer of 2.35 per cent was rejected by the Communication Worker’s Union (CWU)

The Communication Worker’s Union (CWU) has accepted O2’s offer to raise salaries by 2.6 per cent.

The operator’s original offer to raise pay by 2.35 per cent was rejected by the union, which said it “fell short” of aspirations.

The union began talks with O2 on the issue of pay last month after putting in a claim for pay increase across the board and above the rate of RPI (2.7 per cent in January).

The CWU will now ballot members. A positive outcome could see the rise come into effect on April 1.

The pay rise will not affect retail staff. A pay trial is being conducted in parallel for retail staff in 49 stores which could see basic salary increase to £16,000.

National officer Sally Bridge said: “This is the best offer that can be negotiated and we are therefore recommending acceptance.

“This offer does not cover those members that work in the retail part of the business as the CWU is in discussion on a separate reward structure that covers the retail grades. We will keep you updated on how those discussions progress.”