Ofcom investigating Three’s complaints procedure


Three raised issue with regulator, an update on the case expected to be delivered in Q2

Three is the subject of an ongoing Ofcom investigation into how it is handling complaints from its personal and small business customers.

Three is being investigated under General Condition 14.4 which states: “Communications providers must have and comply with procedures that conform to the Ofcom Approved Code of Practice for Complaints Handling when handling complaints made by domestic and small business customers.”

“The Ofcom Approved Code of Practice and accompanying guidance includes requirements on transparency, accessibility and effectiveness.”

A case was opened in September 2013 and a spokesperson for Ofcom said updates on an investigation of this type normally take six to nine months,

There is no assumption the operator has fell foul of the regulations and the process will seek to establish the facts.

A spokesman for Three said: “We discovered a problem with one aspect of our complaints handling process – the options we give to customers who aren’t happy with how their complaint has been handled.

“We shared the issue with Ofcom last June. We’re working with Ofcom and we’ll wait to see what the outcome is.”

If found guilty Three could face a fine of up to ten per cent of relevant turnover, although this is reserved for the most serious of cases.