Desktop phones dead within the next decade


More companies switching to online alternatives

The humble desktop will be replaced by internet-based calling within the next decade, according to a new survey of 150 UK IT managers.

72 percent of respondents to the research undertaken by business internet, hosting, and communications service provider, Timico, believe that all business calls will be made using ‘free’ services, such as Skype or Viber, by 2024.

Currently, one in eight are using ‘free calling’ services and a further third to adapt a solution in the next two years.

The move is the latest example of technology disrupting more traditional telecoms services. 2013 marked the first time ever that the amount of text messages sent fell year-on-year, as people flooded to online services such as WhatsApp. Despite this, there is still vast amounts of money to be made in data.

The company used the findings of the survey to issue a warning about security to any business thinking of making the switch. “It is strongly recommended that any business of considerable size fully analyses the security risk of using such platforms,” says Charlie Whelpton, director of unified communications, Timico (pictured).

He adds: “Of course a good VoIP solution will satisfy this growing demand for free phone calls without any of the associated security concerns, so more savvy businesses will already be approaching their suppliers for the best softphone, SIP and VoIP offerings.”