Radware releases new enterprise security architecture


New solution to protect against cyber attacks

Radware has released a new security package that the firm claims offers “unprecedented” protection from malicious attacks.

The company, which specialises in application delivery and application security solutions for virtual and cloud data centres, says that enterprises are constantly faced with complex threats which have grown with the rise of cloud computing.

Its Attack Mitigation Network (AMN) solution expands detection coverage across all enterprise resources by selecting the most effective tools and location in the data centre, perimeter, or cloud, to mitigate the threat.

“As AMN will automatically select the most optimal tool to use against an attack in real-time, it is the only solution in the industry that synchronizes traffic baselines and attack information among all mitigation tools across private and Cloud IT infrastructure,” said Avi Chesla, chief technology officer (pictured). “This allows a more accurate and efficient way to mitigate attacks.”

The firm says the application will be easily scalable as companies grow their cloud and virtual data centres.