Three’s Dyson questions whether EE is ‘in touch’ with UK public


Three’s CEO David Dyson has defended its decision to offer 4G for free, saying customers will be the judge as to whether it is “devaluing” the service, not EE CEO Olaf Swantee

Three CEO David Dyson has rejected accusations made by EE CEO Olaf Swantee that it is “devaluing” 4G, saying it is doing what is right for UK customers.

Responding to an article featured exclusively in Mobile News last week (see here) Dyson said Swantee’s comments raised the question of whether the EE CEO is in touch with the UK public.

Swantee had said Three’s decision not to place a premium on 4G services will lead to uncertainty amongst customers as to what it can offer.

Dyson said: “I was really flattered when I head that Olaf was talking about us, as it probably means we are doing something right.

“But I would point you to the comments coming from mobile users in the UK. The answer to the question of whether we are devaluing 4G will come from customers.

“And looking at those comments, you have to question whether Olaf is in touch with the UK public.”

The comments from Mobile News readers called EE “deluded” and accused the company of “ripping people off” (see comments section here).


  1. Three’s Dyson questions whether EE is ‘in touch’ with UK public
    Your paying for a faster speed, faster coverage roll out. O2 & Vf have to offer it cheaper as they are offering a lesser service. Less coverage and like for like less speed. Three will have a fast roll out but the coverage in each city will be patchy, speeds shown in the Trial were not as stable as EE and less.

    Also comparing EE 3G to Three 3G.. it is similar as they site, mast, tech and backhaul share..

  2. Three’s Dyson questions whether EE is ‘in touch’ with UK public
    It’s not just premium on the tariff with EE. Looking at the Sony Z1 on EE for 2GB of data and unlimited calls and texts you pay £39.99 for the phone then £44.99 a month. Go with Vodafone and with a free Z1 it’s £42 a month and you get 3GB. With O2 it’s £43 per month for 8GB and £29.99 for the phone.

    Vodafone charge a “premium” for their 4G tariffs but not as much as EE. I think EE’s claims of the amount of premium they charge is a little wide of the mark.

    Three’s 4G coverage may not be as widespread as EE but when your 3G speeds range between 10mbps up to 22mpbs it’s not really too much of a problem not being in a 4G area.