20:20 branding to remain with Brightstar “for now”


Brightstar updates global branding and commits to retaining 20:20 presence whilst it still “carries value”

Brightstar unveiled its new look global and European branding at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month.

The updated global logo (pictured below), according to CEO Claure, is designed to reflect the firm’s global position as the leading player in the wireless services and distribution market.

He explained the use of colours are designed to reflect the sun – the “brightest star” in the universe, as well as including the new wording “Serving Wireless”. The Brightstar 20:20 branding  follows an identical pattern – but includes the 20:20 wording underneath.photo

“It’s been many years since we updated our branding, so we felt it was time for a refresh,” said Claure. “We want to be loud and we want to be aggressive.We talk to our customers and ask them what does Brightstar mean and represent so we came up with “serving wirelesses” as we are pretty much serving all the wireless players in the wireless ecosystem.”

 20:20 brand safe 

Claure also insists there are no current plans to drop 20:20 from its European branding. With 20:20 Mobile recently renamed Brightstar 20:20, many have speculated retaining 2020 was to be a temporary move whilst the integration process is performed and to avoid confusion in its markets.

But Claure insisted whilst the 20:20 branding carries value, there is no reason for things to change. He said: “For now it’s Brightstar 20:20. If we feel the 20:20 name doesn’t add value in the future we’ll look at it, but for now we are happy with the name.”