No UK staff changes to Nokia post acquisition


Manufacturer says it would not make sense to reshuffle the team that has recently been so successful

Nokia has assured its UK device team there will be no changes or risk to jobs once the £4.6 billion sale to Microsoft has been completed.

This was according to Nokia’s UK and Ireland managing director Conor Pierce (pictured), who spoke to Mobile News in Barcelona ahead of the proposed completion of the sale, which is due to take place at the end of this month.

Pierce said it would not make sense for Microsoft to reshuffle or cut the numbers of a team which has been so “successful” in recent times.

Nokia announced during Mobile World Congress its UK market share in the smartphone space has increased from around one per cent to above 10 per cent since teaming up with future owners Microsoft for Windows Phone.

Pierce said: “I do not see any changes occurring following the acquisition. It would not make sense, with the momentum we have, to make changes. That would be risky.”

Nokia will also license its patents and mapping services to Microsoft.