EU law to end ‘nightmare’ of multiple chargers


Customers will be able to use the same charger for smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and music players

A new law obliging electronics manufacturers to provide a common battery for devices such as smartphones and tablets has been voted through by the European parliament today (March 13).

The rule, approved by the socialist and democrats (S&D) party, means customers will in future be able to use the same charger for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, music players and similar devices.

European parliament negotiator Barbara Weiler said it will end the current “nightmare” situation – which is harming the environment as well as consumers.

She said: “The current incompatibility of chargers for mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, music players is a nightmare and a real inconvenience for consumers. This new directive ends this nightmare and is also good news for the environment as it will result in a reduction of electronic waste.”