VoIP will ‘kill off’ fixed-line and mobile calls in 15 years


Fiorentino says there is no question traditional calling will be replaced by VoIP

The co-founder of a new internet-based telecoms service believes traditional fixed-line and mobile calling face a “slow substitution” by VoIP services.

Mtalk.net, a new service from Messagenet, provides users with a personalised web page that can be clicked on by visitors to make a call or send a text. This can be done via PC, smartphone or tablet.

“This is a simpler service to use than other services as you simply click and talk, or click and text,” Messagenet co-founder Marco Fiorentino told Mobile News. He added: “We think that fixed-lines will be around for some time but there is no question that there is going to be a slow substitution of traditional fixed-line or voice calls on mobile with this type of application. But it’s going to be a very long process.”

Fiorentino believes that the personalised addresses of the web pages, for example, CocaCola.mtalk.net, will be ideal for brands to have a central point of contact, and for the general public to keep telephone numbers private.

“In 10 to 15 years phone numbers will not be the complex at the time. I think a link that is easy to remember, in the long run, is going to be the way that you reach people.”

The Italian company has also patented a system it believes will stop spammers being able to contact people through the service, something he believes should ward off the threat of copycat services.

At the moment the service is offered on a “freemium” basis and the calls are not encrypted, so it is unlikely to be adopted as an enterprise solution by many businesses.

Fiorentina did say it could be something the firm may offer for a fee in future.