EE slams Vodafone for hinting UK network test was ‘rigged’


Operators in war of words following differing performances in network performance test

EE has hit back at Vodafone after its rival appeared to suggest a recent national network performance test by RootMetrics – in which EE finished top and Vodafone bottom – was rigged.

“What they are suggesting is particularly aggressive and we are going to respond in an equally aggressive manner,” said an EE spokesperson.

The row broke out earlier this month, after RootMetrics released its annual national report, which measures overall network performance in the UK. The test covers network reliability, SMS, data speeds, coverage and call quality.

The results saw EE come out on top for every category (see page 4), with an overall “RootScore” of 84.6 out of 100.


Three came second with 73.5, O2 third with 66.5 and Vodafone, with 52.4 points. After finishing bottom in every category except one, Vodafone released

a statement requesting customers base their views on more “robust research” from “more established” firms that are “completely independent”.

EE told Mobile News the comments suggested RootMetrics was not impartial and that winners EE had commissioned the report.

“It is abundantly clear Vodafone thinks the RootMetrics report was commissioned by or paid for by us,which is fundamentally not true,” said an EE spokesperson. “We only pay for the right to use the RootMetrics report in our advertising – but this is standard across the industry.”

Responding to EE’s comments, a Vodafone spokesperson reiterated its claims against RootMetrics, but declined to comment on EE’s allegations.

“We enquired extensively last year into RootMetrics’ testing methodology and formed the view that it was neither as systematic nor robust as we would expect.

“We believe that RootMetrics’ method of measurement can produce results that are not consistent across all operators. We raised these concerns with RootMetrics in August last year when they sought commercial support for their entry to the UK market and we declined to partner with them for these reasons.”

RootMetrics chief executive Bill Moore dismissed Vodafone’s allegations over its integrity and methodology, insisting it was both fair and impartial.

He said some operators considered the findings “uncomfortable” as it was the first time a report of its size and scale has been made public. “This test is completeley independent and is no way paid for or commissioned by any company. We stand by our results.” 


  1. I used to use the Rootmetrics app and regularly got the worst possible result on t-mobile over EE, I stopped using it when the app reported good signal when my phone was displaying “No Service”. But my experience on the EE networks is the antithesis of this report I get “No Service” daily at home and Orange phones lose signal too, yet O2 & Vodafone report strong signals in same location

    • So? That means nothing really in relation to this article. Yes, No service will occur on EE, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, O2, Three and the rest. No network has 100% solid coverage everywhere. This analysis was based on who performed the best, most often in most locations. It is still entirely possible that your signal was rubbish but somewhere else in the country, someone was experiencing the exact same problems on another network. It’s mobile signal, transmitted by masts. It’s variable. That’s life.