HTC: One M8 will outsell the HTC One


The HTC One M8 will not suffer from a delayed launch or supply constraints like the HTC One, the manufacturer said

HTC has said the newly-unveiled HTC One M8 smartphone will be even more successful than the HTC One.

The company said this is because it has “learnt its lesson” and fixed supply constraints that plagued the HTC One in its early days.

The launch of the HTC One last year was postponed from March 15 until the end of the month, reportedly due to shortages of camera components and metal casings.

Speaking to Mobile News, vice president of UK, Nordic and partner markets Peter Frolund said an internal review resulted in HTC improving the way it communicated with suppliers to make sure this does not happen again.

This, combined with increased marketing, means HTC expects the One M8 to outsell the HTC One. Five million HTC One handsets were sold in its first month on sale – but the company declined to give more up-to-date figures.

Frolund said: “We believe the New HTC One will be selling a lot more than the old one.

“Because we have the supply chain issue fixed, we have a better and more focused marketing story, and we have all the awards backing us up [the HTC One was named best smartphone of 2013 in the Global Mobile Awards at the Mobile World Congress 2014].

“This means we will be on consumers’ radars this year whereas we may not have been last year.”