Three: Pony ad campaign bigger hit than O2’s ‘be more dog’


Dance Pony Dance saw more views on YouTube and more mentions on social media than O2’s campaign, Three says

Three has said its ‘Dance Pony Dance’ advertising campaign was much more effective and cost efficient than O2’s ‘Be More Dog’.

The Dance Pony Dance campaign, which featured a Shetland pony called Socks, began in March 2013. Three’s CFO Richard Woodward said it involved “half” the media and production spend as O2’s ‘Be More Dog’ campaign, which began in July 2013 and encouraged customers to be more adventurous.

He said the Three adverts have twice the number of YouTube hits. The original version of the pony advert posted by Three has almost nine million hits on YouTube, while O2’s original advert has just over three million.

Woodward said Dance Pony Dance saw more than ten times the number of hashtag mentions across social media platforms in the first ten days compared to Be More Dog.

“The campaign was very effective at generating brand awareness,” Woodward said.