Nokia: No plans to bring X range to UK


Entry-level smartphone will focus on emerging markets where Nokia brand is strongest

Nokia confirmed today (28 March) it had no plans to bring its Android-Windows hybrid Nokia X smartphone to the UK.

While the firm has not ruled out a launch Riaz Ahmed, developer outreach manager said that “the focus is on emerging markets.” He went on to claim the phone will open up the Microsoft Office suite and offline maps to “hundreds of millions” in the developing world where the Nokia brand remains strong.

He was speaking at the London leg of the Nokia X Porting bus tour where developers were invited to port their Android apps over to the Nokia X store. Around 100 developers are expected to attend over the course of the day.

75 per cent of Android apps are able to be ported over within five minutes while those that use services such as Google Maps take around an hour.

The device will allow the manufacturer to expand the amount of apps available to Nokia users. Currently, the Windows Store has around 250,000 apps compared with more than 1 million for Google Play and the Apple Store.