Three launches personalised 4G advertising campaign


CEO Dave Dyson appears in videos sent via text to Three customers who have a 4G device, as and when the service launches in their area

Three launched an advertising campaign to update customers on its 4G rollout today (March 28).

The campaign features CEO Dave Dyson, who appears in a video sent via text to all 4G-device owners. He can be seen sitting at a desk explaining that Three customers only need to upgrade the software on their phone to use 4G for free.

The videos will be personalised – with Three recording 4,800 different names for them.

The campaign will run throughout the year, with texts being sent to customers as and when 4G becomes available in their area.

Three’s 4G is currently available in 36 major towns and cities. This will increase to 50 cities and 200 towns by the end of 2014 and to 98 per cent of the population by the end of 2015.

All of Three’s eight million customers are on a 4G tariff and have compatible SIM cards, but only 1.9 million currently have a 4G-enabled device.

Three said a substantial portion of this 1.9 million live in an area with 4G coverage and are therefore using the service.

Ducks on skateboards, gladiators, American footballers, and a horse also appear in the video, which is available to view below.