£700k worth of government devices ‘lost or stolen’


Information commissioner calls potential loss of information on devices ‘worrying’

Whitehall departments have lost or had stolen 1,370 mobile phones, laptops and iPads in the last three years.

There were a total of 956 phones, 371 laptops and 43 tablet computers were stolen 2010 and 2013.

The total value of the devices that have went missing is estimated to be as high as £700,000 and it is possible that some devices contained sensitive information.

MPs lost 47 tablets or laptops over the three year period – the figures were revealed as part of a Freedom of Information request by Sky News.

“It’s certainly worrying and you’d expect MPs to be setting a good example over security of the personal information that they keep, which could be extremely sensitive when they’re dealing with constituents’ problems,” said deputy information commissioner David Smith.