HTC One to be discontinued by EE and Three


Device succeeded in portfolio by HTC One (M8) at both operators and existing stock levels will not be replenished

EE and Three have confirmed that the original HTC One will be discontinued and they will focus on its successor the HTC One (M8).

The latest handset in the series was launched last week but the manufacturer insisted the original phone would remain on sale.

Despite this, both EE and Three told Mobile News that existing stock levels would be run down and would not be replenished.

An EE spokesperson said: “The HTC One (M8) has succeeded the HTC One in our portfolio.”

HTC UK, Nordic and partner markets vice president Peter Frolund had previously told Mobile News the two devices could co-exist without customers immediately choosing the cheaper handset over the latest release.

“Whether there is enough difference between the old and new HTC One depends on who you are – the more budget-conscious customer will go for the HTC One,” he said.

“The HTC One is in no way outdated. The two devices have a lot in common but we still believe they can co-exist in the marketplace,” he said.

O2 has confirmed that it will continue stock the phone and it is still available from the other the Vodafone websites.

No-one from HTC or Vodafone was available for comment at the time of publication.