Vodafone to relocate 78 stores and refit almost 100


The news follows an announcement earlier today (April 3) that Vodafone will open 150 new stores over the next 12 months

Vodafone will relocate 78 of its current base of 357 stores as part of an overhaul of its retail strategy that will also see it open 150 new stores over the next 12 months.

The operator said it will also refit 98 existing shops to match the design of the new stores, which will look “completely different”.

The new layout will include a ‘kids zone’ where children can pre-occupy themselves with tablets. Vodafone’s ‘top ten’ devices will also be presented more clearly and apart from other products.

“Research showed we needed to improve the customer experience, so we’ve completely changed the layout of our stores to offer better help and advice,” head of retail and online sales Martin Roberts said.

No franchise plans

The operator confirmed it does not have any plans to franchise any of its stores.

“We find it is better to have direct control over how we serve customers,” Roberts said.