Vodafone customer loyalty strongest thanks to network coverage


A sample of 2,000 visitors to a SIM-only comparison website has shown Vodafone customers stay for an average of six years and 11 months

Vodafone has the strongest network loyalty with average customers staying for over six years, a recent survey by a SIM-only price comparison site has found.

Visitors to simonlycontracts.co.uk, which compares deals offered by the UK’s four major operators (EE, Three, O2, Vodafone) also indicated that Three has the lowest level of customer loyalty, with average subscribers staying for only one year and three months.

O2 customers stay with the operator for three years and one month on average, while EE (Orange and T-Mobile) customers stay for an average of four years and eleven months.

Vodafone customers stay on average six years and three months.

Respondents (2,385 aged 18 and over) who had moved to Vodafone said the main reason (41 per cent) was network coverage. 28 per cent had acted on the recommendation of family or friends, and 21 per cent said their move was due to Vodafone’s reputation for good customer service.

Reasons for staying with Vodafone included ‘good network coverage’ (78 per cent), ‘quick customer service’ (71 per cent) and ‘reasonable pricing’ (67 per cent), as respondents could select multiple options.

Over half (55 per cent) of Vodafone customers said they would not look at other networks for their next phone or contract, while 33 per cent said they would shop around, but ‘most likely stay with Vodafone’.