Vodafone UK’s accounts office closes for Indian elections


Customers calling line are advised to call back later or send an e-mail because of the Indian general election

Vodafone UK’s accounts office has apparently shut-down because of the Indian election.

Suppliers enquiring about their invoices were instructed by mail to contact the help desk on +44 8454420306.

Calls to this number were automatically answered by a pre-recorded female voice with a heavy Indian accent saying: “We are closed on account of general elections in India, please call us back later or send us an email and we will respond to your queries at the earliest opportunity. Apologies for the inconvenience caused”.

The Indian elections have been taking place over a number of weeks with the biggest voting day on April 17 when 12 states go to the polls.

“I’ve heard some super excuses about late payment in my time. However being told by one of the UK’s biggest companies that no-one is available to process a payment because of the election in India is worthy of some sort of prize”, said Keith Berry, accounts manager for Mobile News publisher Clark White Publications.

You can listen to the recorded message below:


  1. When 3AU and Voda AU merged customer care got sent to the same call centres as as 3UK & 3 Ireland, 3/Huthison Global Servives owned by Hutchison. Voda are slowly but surely sending all customer care functions in English spoken countries to these Indian call centres.