Vodafone to overhaul targets and partner tiering


Current tiering system expected to be scrapped, with dealers measured on the quantity of the operator’s services they sell

Vodafone is in consultations with its dealers over proposals for a major overhaul to its partner programme, which is expected to see its current tiering system scrapped.

According to dealers, a new partner programme is being created, which will be measured on the quantity of the operator’s services they sell (mobile, fixed, IT), rather than simply the total amount billed on a monthly basis.

For example, to achieve and maintain Platinum Partner status, a dealer is required to achieve £260,000 per month in billing – with around 10 per cent coming from sales of One Net.

Key role
Vodafone, which acquired Cable & Wireless for £1 billion in 2012,  is expected to introduce a number of additional IT and fixed line-based services throughout the year, which will play a key role in the firm’s future strategy.

Dealers will be consulted about the changes in the coming months, with the plan to introduce the new structure from April 2015.  Early discussions suggest the current Platinum, Gold and Silver tier programmes will be axed when the new targets come into place.

Details on the new structure are yet to be decided – but are expected to be designed to better reflect the capabilities and expertise offered by that partner.

One gold partner said: “You’ve got platinum gold and silver – but to a customer that doesn’t mean a huge amount. They’re going to change it to reflect their capabilities, so the customer  gets a clearer idea about their credentials.”