Huawei launches latest smartphone in Paris


The Chinese manufacturer unveiled the successor to Ascend P6 earlier today – Vodafone, Three and O2 confirm they will not stock the handset

Huawei has launched its latest smartphone, the Ascend P7 at a media and customer event held today (May 7) in Paris, at which Mobile News was present.

The 4G dual sim handset runs on Android 4.4.2, has 16GB of memory, a 2500 mAh battery and will be available in black, white and pink.

It boasts a 5 inch full HD screen, 13MP rear camera and a whopping 8MP front-facing camera. Huawei is clearly placing a lot of emphasis on the camera and in particular the 8MP front-facing camera is a revelation. An executive even coined the term ‘groufie’ meaning group ‘selfie’.

The handset, while still classed as ‘ultra-thin’, is slightly thicker than its predecessor at 6.5mm (compared with 6.1mm), and this is the trade-off for the increased specification of the latest handset. It is still comfortably slimmer than most other devices on the market.

It will retail at €449 (£369) and will launch in the UK later this month.

Support from UK networks appears to be rather thin on the ground at the moment with O2, Three and Vodafone confirming they will not be stocking the device. Mobile News has contacted other UK retailers for availability and pricing, but none were available for comment at the time of publication.

Uswitch tech expert Rob Kerr said the ‘selfie’ craze was on its way out but still described the 8MP front-facing camera as an “innovation”. He also says that a potential lack of support from UK retailers could harm sales.

P7 sales in the UK could be stalled by the lack of retailers selling the phone in Britain,” he said.

“Last year’s Huawei Ascend P6 can only be found with O2, TalkTalk Mobile or with Carphone Warehouse. But, while this might be bad for the UK mobile-buying public, Huawei is number three in the global smartphone market, having sold 4 million P6 phones, so it has much reason to cheer.”



  1. Crikey, that’s almost as slim as Norwich’s chances of staying in the Premier League this year!

  2. Both me and my misses had a Huawei Ascend P6 phones. Both phones have had issues, my battery last less than 10 hours (without touching or even using the phone) and my misses screen has gone dark and battery life very short. Never buy Huawei phone ever again. Complete rubbish