O2 business broadband customers suffer from outage


All business broadband customers reportedly affected and there is some confusion over when connections were restored

O2 business broadband customers suffered service disruption earlier today, although there has been some confusion over when connections were restored.

The operator claims the connections were restored at 10.20AM but Carphone Warehouse Business and Twitter users were reporting issues this afternoon.

“O2 are currently experiencing an issue with Business Broadband. Customers are receiving error messages when trying to connect to websites. If any of your customers contact you about this issue, please tell them that O2 are working hard to rectify it and please apologise on our behalf,” Carphone Warehouse Business said in an e-mail sent at 13.52.

Dealer Aerial said on its Twitter feed that all business customers were affected from 2AM and reported problems as late as 12.50PM. “The issue has now been resolved. Apologies for the disruption in service. Please reboot your router and call us on 02392 737 513 for support,” it added at 1.38PM.

We’ve asked O2 to clarify the issue and will update this article later.