EE strikes partnership with mobile security firm MobileIron


Mobile operator becomes the first to provide business-grade security across all mobile operating systems in its corporate plans as standard

EE and MobileIron have announced a partnership that that will see business-grade security across all mobile operating systems in the operator’s corporate plans as standard.

It becomes the first operator in the UK to offer MobileIron Cloud. Business can use this to configure and selectively manage mobile apps, content and devices, automatically enforce usage policies, as well as retiring mobile devices when they are lost or when an employee leaves the company.

User enrolment and device configuration are also automated so employees can set up a mobile device for themselves.

New to MobileIron Cloud is a content catalogue, which enables employees to choose the files they want, then update those files when new versions become available. Administrators can distribute content to different user groups and devices, and assign content to different categories.

All content is encrypted, can be stored on the device and removed automatically when the device is retired from the platform.

Users can also choose mobile apps from MobileIron Cloud’s app catalogue to help with expense reporting, travel booking, collaborative working and customer relationship management. These can be either commercially available apps or custom-made apps developed by the business.

EE chief marketing officer Gerry McQuade said: ” Security is essential if businesses want to become genuinely mobile without putting sensitive company data at risk. With partners like MobileIron, we’ve developed a portfolio of mobile security solutions that make it easier to manage mobile device, regardless of the operating system each device is running.

“MobileIron Cloud is an important step in removing the complexity associated with securing business data across multiple device types and operating systems. With this latest development, MobileIron has made it even simpler for employees to enrol and secure mobile devices for themselves.”