EE’s B2B commission nightmare almost over


Operator says new and improved pay platform will see dealers paid what they are owed

EE says it is now close to resolving issues over the accuracy of commissions paid to its B2B partners – amid claims discrepancies are now in their “tens of millions.”

The operator has been plagued with problems since switching partners to a new payment system “SAP” in 2012 (replacing CHP) –following the launch of EE 4G. The platform, which was later branded by EE as “unfit for purpose”, had resulted in a number of dealers being underpaid – with some larger connectors said to be owed more than a million pounds as a result.

EE last week apologised for the ongoing issues – which it originally claimed would be fixed by the start of the year – insisting the process of migrating partners to a new and improved SAP platform has now begun.

It said an update to the SAP system was implemented on the morning of May 24 – which it claims has now fixed the problems. Migrating EE’s larger dealer partners are to be moved over to the new platform first, before a gradual wider rollout, set to be completed over the “coming months.”

EE added it has the resources to correct any inaccurate or incomplete payments to dealers, although declined to provide a timescale.

“We’re in the process of migrating our dealer base over to the new SAP system, and the first phase has proved successful,” an EE spokesperson said.

“The initial work has been targeted on our largest dealers, with a particular focus on recurring pay monthly revenues. The remainder of the base will be migrated over in the coming months, and processes are in place to rectify inaccurate or incomplete payments on a case-by-case basis in the interim. We apologise for the inconvenience this continues to cause our affected partners, and are working to have everyone on the new system as quickly as possible.”


Despite assurances, dealers Mobile News spoke with remained sceptical – suggesting previous efforts of a resolution had in fact made matters worse. One dealer, who asked not to be named, claimed to now be owed more than a million pounds in ongoing revenue payments – but has received no indication as to when the amount will be paid.

“EE is telling us the same thing every time, that there are fixes continuously being implemented but in fact the situation is getting progressively worse,” he said.“EE has hailed SAP as the saviour but the whole thing has just collapsed. I don’t think they can put it right – they are just saying what we want us to hear.”

Another added: “It’s almost as if they need to start again. While they continue to think that the best way to pay is by revenue share and they haven’t got the mechanisms to pay it, these problems are going to occur. ”

Another noted comments made in Mobile News last July by EE chief executive Olaf Swantee in which he spoke of the importance of indirect partners, adding he wants to “work closer” with them and “strengthen relationships.” This, he claims, is something yet to be seen personally.

“Dealers are the poor relation at the moment, so most are feeling pretty beaten up and unloved. There is nothing worse than a network not paying you and then complaining that you are not hitting your targets.”