Simon Stanford set to leave Samsung?


Unconfirmed reports Samsung vice president of UK Simon Stanford has walked out on the firm following management dispute

Samsung VP for the UK and Ireland Simon Stanford is rumoured to be heading out of the company after almost five years.

Stanford, who joined Samsung from O2 in 2009 is said to have been under increased scrutiny from the firms board  of directors – amid reports of poorer than expected sales of the Galaxy S5 (which launched April 11) and concerns around targets and stock placement. There have also been claims of Samsung having to refund and collect large quantities of unsold stock from a number of its key reseller partners in recent weeks.

Samsung declined to comment on the story, but sources claim Stanford has been riled by the manufacturers recent decision to bring in a number of management personnel from its German arm who are said to be closely monitoring the UK business and the way in which it operates.

According to reports, Stanford failed to attend an ‘important’ UK management meeting last week, leading to rumours of an internal bust up and many suggesting he has now walked out.

Stanford heads up Samsung’s mobile, tablet, wearable tech, computing, digital imaging, memory and 4G LTE core network divisions.