Greensky lights Nimans hosted voice service


Nimans knew hosted solution allows resellers to decide in which way they’d like to get paid

Distributor Nimans has launched a hosted voice service that will offer its resellers a choice of business models.

The Greensky hosted voice solution will allow resellers to either sell the VoIP base unit and receive an upfront fee or offer the service at a monthly recommended cost of £9.99.

The handset will be available in three models – standard, advanced and executive – and all will come with a three-year hosted licence worth £360 a month. The entry-level phone will be available to resellers at “under £100” according to the reseller.

After that, it is up to the reseller which model they choose but the distributor claims a margin of 45 per cent is available if the reseller decides to sell the device upfront and offer the hosting “free” for three years. Greater margins are available if they choose a recurring revenue stream model that is becoming more prevalent in the industry.

“There have been offers recently from other firms that have said if you commit to our service for three years, we’ll give you a free phone,” group sales and business development director Richard Carter told Mobile News. “After three years Greensky will start to bill at ‘X’ pounds per month but essentially the service is in with the phone – you’re getting an excellent quality phone for a fraction of the price that it would cost you over three years with any other service.”

“The way that the reseller charges it out is entirely their choice. There is a model where you can upfront the margin, which is great for resellers who are used to taking their margin upfront and making their profit on day one.

“It means that a traditional reseller can move to hosted without having to dramatically change their business model. The other side is either by putting it on a lease or by financing it from company finance you can make a far greater margin.”