Samsung Galaxy S5 contract price drops 22pc since launch


Price plummets from £37 a month to £29 a month, despite only going on sale in the UK on April 11

The monthly contract price for the Samsung Galaxy S5 has dropped by 22 per cent in the UK, despite only going on sale under two months ago.

This is according to new statistics from price comparison website, which shows the contract price has dropped from £37 a month from when it went on sale on April 11 to £29 a month as of the end of May.

It comes amid reports of poorer than expected sales of the Galaxy S5 and concerns around targets and stock placement, as well as claims of Samsung having to refund and collect large numbers of unsold stock from retailer partners.

The statistics were released along with the Mobile Tracker for May, which ranks the UK’s 10 most popular handsets.

The contract price for the iPhone 5s 16GB has fallen 24 per cent from £38 to £29 a month, while the iPhone 5c 16GB has experienced a 17 per cent drop, falling from £29 to £24 a month. Both were released last September.

There has been a 43 per cent decline in the contract price for the Galaxy S4 from £37 to £21 a month, while the price of the iPhone 4s 16GB is down 23 per cent from £26 to £20 a month, with the two handsets both released 15 months ago.



  1. The company must listen to customers with high end smart phones and take an average of whats very important and whats somewhat important and start working toward that goal