Vodafone wins hat-trick of contracts with International SOS


Medical and travel security risk services company says deals will help reduce complexity, give it greater visibility over usage and spend and provide it with a secure IT infrastructure to host applications

Vodafone has won a hat-trick of contracts across mobile, telecoms management and cloud hosting with International SOS.

The operator has won a 1,300 connection deal serving the company in a number of markets, including the UK, Singapore and South Africa. Handset provision is not included, with the company continuing to use existing handsets.

International SOS has also signed a deal for Vodafone Telecoms Management. The operator said the company will be able to manage all its fixed and mobile telecoms services centrally, giving it greater visibility over usage and spend per user either by region or business user.

Lastly, Vodafone has won a contract for cloud and hosting services in the UK, which it said provides International SOS with a secure IT infrastructure to host a range of applications, adding it will allow the company to scale its IT resources to meet business requirements.

Vodafone declined to reveal the contract length, value and who they had been won from.

International SOS has more than 700 locations in 89 countries. Its 11,000 employees are led by 1,200 doctors and 200 security experts.

Vodafone Global Enterprise Asia and Africa president Steven Hoyle said: “It is testament to Vodafone‚Äôs prowess as a total communications provider that we have been chosen to play such a pivotal role in providing International SOS with a range of integrated communications services.”