LG taps into kids wearables market with KizON


Device will launch in Korea this month and in other markets later this year

LG has become the first major manufacturer to launch a wearables product aimed at children.

KizON is a wristband that will use GPS and WiFi to track a child’s location and relay the information to their parents. Location alerts can be configured to provide information on whereabouts at set times throughout the day.

The One Step Direct Call will allow parent’s to communicate with their children, while pressing a button on the wearable will allow the child to dial a pre-configured number.

LG is tapping into what is potentially a huge market for wearables. Tracking a child’s location is one use case for wearables that could see huge volume.

It comes with a 400 mAh battery which the manufacturer says will provide a battery life of 36 hours. Parents will be alerted via their smartphone when the battery is running low. The device will come in blue, green or pink and is water and stain-resistant.

No details were provided by LG, and no-one was available for comment, as to whether the wearable would be compatible with handsets from other manufacturers or operating systems.

The device will be launched in Korea on July 10th and will launch in other markets later in the year. No details on pricing have been revealed.