Thieves steal 40,000 Samsung devices from Brazilian factory


Armed gang make off with mobile phones, tablets and laptops worth millions of pounds 

A group of armed robbers have stolen 40,000 mobiles, tablets and laptops from the manufacturer’s factory in Campinas, Brazil.

Local media has reported that $36 million (£21 million) worth of product was taken but Samsung has played this down, estimating that this amounted to $6.3 million (£3.7 million).

According to police, a group of 20 men armed with rifles hijacked a bus taking eight employees to work in the early hours of Monday morning.

They stole workers’ ID tags and took two of them as hostages to gain entry to the premises. The remaining six were taken to an unknown location.

Once inside, security guards were overpowered, with around 50 workers held hostage for three hours, who were forced to remove the batteries from their mobiles to stop them from contacting police.

Meanwhile, the thieves loaded crates onto seven trucks, before the vehicles drove off in different directions. Nobody was hurt in the heist.