Peach ripens its UC base through link with Nexus


Telco can offer cloud, back-up recovery, hosted email, IT hardware and host of services

Peach Telecom has broadened its unified communications offering with the purchase of IT managed service provider Nexus Business Group.

The deal means that Peach can now offer its clients cloud services, back-up and disaster recovery, anti-virus and security, support, hosted email and IT hardware.

This will be added to its existing telecoms business of fixed-line, broadband, and its 1,000 mobile connection base, offered through the O2 network.

Chief executive Darren Scott-Healey said that Nexus’ expertise and reputation will open up IT reselling opportunities for the company.

“We’ve got over 3,000 customers and none of them has IT from us – that’s a big drive that we’ve already started – marketing it into those customers and making them aware that we can do this now, and we have direct sales people who are starting to hit that base.”


“We’ve got IT skills in-house but we found we needed to acquire a business, and Nexus has got a really good reputation, has been going for 10 years, has a great customer retention rate and wins all its business via referrals.

“We’ve got a great sales machine, they’ve got a great technical background. Put the two together and they should be successful.”

Peach Telecom has around 3,000 customers and Scott- Healey believes that being able to take more services from one supplier will make things easier for its clients.

“Obviously, it’s making the customers more sticky but the problem is with the convergence of voice, fixed, data and mobile, that customers are having to find three or four suppliers for what ends up as one solution,” he added.

He also said that the firm has finished with acquisitions from a technology point of view but it is interested in buying a ready-made fixed- line or IT customer base.