Sony launches project to help tourists take better pics


Footstep marks placed in front of popular UK landmarks to mark ideal position to capture them

Sony has launched a new initiative in a bid to help tourists take better pictures when visiting some of the UK’s biggest landmarks.

#Xperia Spots has seen footstep marks have been placed near popular tourist attractions in London, Manchester and Birmingham, marking the ideal position to capture them.

The landmarks include the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, The Birmingham Library and The Beetham Tower.

The project is being driven by Sony’s smartphone division, who said they want to inspire smartphone photographers to share their own #XperiaSpots on Twitter and Facebook to win a Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone and QX10 lens. Competition entries close on August 4.

#XperiaSpots has been launched in partnership with Mimi Chan and Utsavi Jhaveri, who made news earlier this year when they pinpointed the best location for tourists to capture New York and San Francisco.

Sony Mobile head of PR and social media for North West Europe Matt Beavis said: “At the height of summer, many of us are out there capturing cities on our smartphones. We’ve got the tech but it’s about going beyond this and helping people to make the most of it. Now with #XperiaSpots, we want to help people capture the best pictures possible.”