EE offers deal to B2B dealers who ‘lost millions’


Those affected by commission issues following the launch of EE’s brand in October 2012 now being offered settlements

EE is offering settlements to B2B dealers to bring an end to the ongoing dispute over inaccurate commissions which has plagued the operator for almost two years.

The issues first arose after EE moved its partners from  a new SAP payment system following the launch of the EE brand and 4G network.

The system, which was later branded by EE as “unfit for purpose” failed to provide accurate reporting on revenue share payments – leaving dealers and distributors “millions of pounds” out of pocket.

EE insists its new SAP system is now working as it should – and aims to have all partners moved over by November.

EE has this month issued a cut off point for all outstanding claims dating back to 2012. Any discrepancy between August and November will be resolved at a later date.

EE director of partnerships Noel Hamill (pictured) told Mobile News the firm had devoted extra staff to help bring the matter to a close and has now begun offering settlements to its dealer and distribution partners.

“We have increased our headcount focusing on claims handling for partners, and that team is working through all existing claims across both consumer and B2B to support resolution while we migrate over to the SAP system,

“Payments are being agreed with partners on a case-by-case basis to bring all accounts as up to date as possible, and the process is going well. Partner satisfaction levels are significantly up in recent weeks and we’re nearly through this phase.”