EE introduce 50p queue jump charge for customer service calls

Written by: James Pearce
EE introduce 50p queue jump charge for customer service calls

Customers can get priority service when calling EE contact centres

EE has introduced a charge that lets customers calling its contact centres jump the queue.

The operator, who is the largest in the UK, is now giving callers the chance to use the priority service – but customers have to pay a flat rate 50p to access it.

The priority service will operate like queue-jumping services offered in other industries airports and amusement parks but has come under fire from long term customers for not treating every call equally.

Customers will be given the option to pay the 50p and move up the queue at the start of their call, or continue in the queue as normal. EE currently has 28 million customers under its EE 4G, Orange and T Mobile brands.

A spokesperson for EE said the charges were necessary as part of the networks goal to set a high standard of customer service.  They pointed to EE’s investment in call centre operations, including new centres in Derry and Derby opened this year.

An official statement said: “EE’s goal is to set the highest standard for customer service in the telecoms sector. To support that ambition we’re investing significantly in our retail stores, contact centres and account management websites and apps.

“We’ve already committed to returning over 1,000 roles to the UK from overseas call centres, and have already opened two new UK centres. To contribute to this and other investments in service we have introduced some small charges for certain customer services.”

In April this year, EE introduced a flat 25p for all non-business customers who rang one of their contact centres between 8pm and 10pm.

To listen to Mobile News editor Michael Garwood discuss the new EE charges, follow this link and skip to two hours 40 minutes.

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  1. Voda Customer says:

    Vodafone have been charging PAYT customers for years to access Customer Services, whats new?


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