EE claim tech terms isolate 58pc of over 65s


Operator will hold third Tech Tea Party to help public overcome tech barriers

Over 58 per cent of people over 65 feel that tech terminology stops them from getting online, according to stats released by EE.

Jargon such as ‘meme’ and ‘phablet’ ranked highest among phrases that older people didn’t understand, according to the poll carried out by TNS Global on behalf of the operator.

Over a quarter of those asked didn’t know what an email is while a third didn’t understand the term ‘smartphone.’

The poll of 500 over 65s showed that 58 per cent found terminology more off putting than privacy (53%) or cost (29%) concerns.

57 per cent of over 65s asked said they were already online, with 64 per cent of those people saying it helped their rrelationships with family and friends.

The survey was commissioned by EE to mark its latest Techy Tea Party Day, a series of informal one-on-one sessions aimed at helping members of the public overcome hesitations they may have about technology.

EE Director of Retail Deirdre Burns, said: “There are many barriers when it comes to getting online – especially for older people who haven’t grown up in a digital era – and many of the new tech terms are confusing for people of all ages.

“Through EE National Techy Tea Party Day we want to use  our people’s expert knowledge to ensure those most in need get help to develop essential digital skills so that their lives can be enhanced.”

The Tech Tea Party Day is in its third year and EE claim it has helped over 1,100 people deal with tech challenges since 2012.

This year’s Tech Tea Party will be held across 500 EE stores on September 9.