Daisy roots out plan for SMB IT roadmap


Unified comms provider adds hosted desktop services to its flexible-working product portfolio

Daisy Wholesale has boosted its flexible-working product suite with the addition of hosted desktop services to its cloud portfolio.

Daisy’s solution will allow users to access, through an individual log-in, all their business systems and shared files from company servers and their own desktop. End-users will also be able to allocate new seats at the resellers’ discretion.

The firm pointed to Gartner research, which states that 43 per cent of US SMBs have adopted hosted desktop services as proof that there is a demand for the service in the UK. It also pointed to other factors such as the end of Windows XP support by Microsoft as driving the potential growth of the hosted desktop.

“I believe that now is the perfect time for a solution like this,” said Daisy Wholesale product director for cloud Graham Harris (pictured).

“With the government’s new flexible working policy, the end of Window’s support for Microsoft XP, the demand for BYOD and the availability of high-performance, low-cost connectivity like FTTC and GEA, many businesses will find themselves at a crossroads on the IT infrastructure roadmap.”

Daisy will be offering three packages which have varying levels of functionality, depending on the clients’ needs. It claims that a hosted desktop can be set-up in 10 minutes. As part of the promotion of the new service, the distributor is offering site licences to new HDS dealers free for the first three months. Free licences may be extended depending on a case-by-case basis and on sales performance.