Tesco abandons Hudl smartphone plans


Retailer will focus on release of Hudl 2 tablet and may look at smartphone options in future

Tesco has ditched plans to release its own smartphone in order to focus on its range of Hudl tablets, according to the retailers multi-channel director Robin Terrell.

The firm had announced plans in May to launch its own branded handset by the end of the year after its Hudl range of tablets had been met with surprising success, selling over 500,000 units in less than a year.

But Tesco has now axed plans to launch a phone, which was expected to run on Android and have specs comparable with a Samsung Galaxy S5, to focus on launching the Hudl 2 in “the next few weeks.”

Terrell said that while he was “confident” they had something to offer in the phone market, they were putting plans on hold.  He explained: “The technology sector is fast changing and constantly evolving and since then, the mobile market has become even more competitive. So in early July, I took the decision that we would put the phone on hold and concentrate on the Hudl 2 tablet.”

“Mobile technology – phones and tablets – are transforming all consumer industries and particularly retail. Our future success relies on our anticipating and adapting those consumer trends so that we can continually improve the products and services we offer our customers.”

On the second generation Hudl, the retailer the Hudl 2 “improves on just about every area of its predecessor, from screen size to speed, design and accessories,” but the company is yet to announce any specific details or specs.


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