Vodafone launches HD Voice technology for its UK customers


Technology improves call quality by capturing more sound waves across a broader range of frequencies, also reducing background noise

Vodafone has rolled out HD Voice technology across its 3G network in the UK for customers calling other users on the network.

It said HD Voice captures sound waves twice as fast as other calls and uses a broader range of frequencies, improving the clarity of calls and providing a richer voice tone and less background noise.

There are currently 60 compatible phones that will switch to the technology when in range, with calls charged at the normal network rate. Vodafone’s 4G customers will also benefit from HD quality when their phone connects to 3G to make calls.

HD Voice is part of Vodafone’s investment of £1 billion in its network and services across the UK this year, and is in addition to the £802 million it spent acquiring the widest portfolio of mobile spectrum in last year’s 4G auction.

The operator has amassed more than one million 4G customers since the launch of that network last August, with it now available in over 313 cities, towns and districts, and thousands of smaller communities.

Vodafone UK technology director Fergal Kelly said: “Our HD Voice brings our best call quality to our customers. It is another important step towards our commitment to deliver our strongest ever network to the UK.”


  1. It would be good if they focused on increasing network capacity, rather than technology that decreases the poor capacity Vodafone already sports.