Internal investigation reveals corruption at Huawei


116 employees investigated for bribery and corruption with four members of staff already found guilty

The CEO of Huawei has admitted that the Chinese manufacturer is investigating bribery and corruption claims against over a hundred of its employees.

The internal investigation being carried out into employees at the firm’s Shenzen factory has already resulted in four members of staff being found guilty of violating various policies on corruption, according to Reuters.

The news was revealed by Huawei Chief Executive Ken Hu who told the Financial Times it was a “routine investigation” performed annually and was “nothing new”. He added that this was the first time it had attracted media attention.

A media source in China has claimed that 116 employees have been implicated in soliciting and accepting bribes from outside sales agents in exchange for rebates.

The company responded by introducing training sessions for members of staff on how to avoid bribery. The move comes at a time when the Chinese government has pledged to crack down on corporate misbehaviour in both foreign and Chinese firms.

In a statement, Huawei firmly implementing an open, transparent and stable channel policy, in order to pursue fairness and justice in the market, and to “fight firmly against any form of employee practice that fails to meet the standards we set for ourselves.”