Tempers flare at Apple’s iPhone 6 launch


Apple fans held  behind crash barriers outside Apple Regent Street store argue with security guards over store entrance priority 

There were chaotic scenes in the streets around the Regent Street Apple Store as the new iPhone range went on sale this morning.

A queue containing in excess of 1000 people snaked along an adjoining side street ahead of the 8AM opening of the store. Many had been there since yesterday evening (September 18).

While most of the crowd was in good spirits, things threatened to turn ugly in a park on the side street.

Hundreds of people, who had been waiting for more than 12 hours, were being held in holding pens, as they waited to be allowed to join the queue that led to the stores entrance.

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Individuals in some pens, which held between 20-30 people each, were screaming at other pens who they believed were being allowed to queue jump by staff. Individuals were pleading with crowd control staff, shouting: “Don’t do this to us, please don’t do this to us”.

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Copyright Mobile News CWP

Mobile News also witnessed a security guard berating iPhone fans who had left their assigned pens and were standing within the park. One iPhone hunter was sitting on one of the park benches when he was asked what pen he was in and told to “get back inside”.

When he complained that he had a sore back as he was standing for more than 12 hours, the security guard insisted that he returned to his pen, claiming that everyone would like to be outside.
Elsewhere empty food and drink packaging was littered across the street and in the park with queues snaking back as far as New Bond Street.

Members of the queue also explained how a thunderstorm overnight had caused them to take shelter in a nearby building. When returning, some members of the crowd were attempting to queue jump and had to spoken to by members of the security staff.


  1. To all the people who queued up outside a store to get a new iPhone! What a bunch of sad, lonely and very pathetic losers you are. You really do need to get a life – it’s a mobile phone!