BT mobile network facing delay due to tech trouble


Super-cheap mobile network may not go live until next year due to WiFi calling switchover issue

BT’s return to the consumer mobile sector could be delayed until next year because of problems implementing a switch from WiFi calling to VoLTE, according to the Telegraph.

Sources within the company revealed that BT is struggling with technology meant to save costs by ensuring the majority of data and calls is carried over BT’s vast WiFi network instead of its MVNO, which is provided by EE.

The handover between the WiFi network and the 4G network, which BT rents from EE, is supposed to be seamless but according to the reports, BT has hit problems with calls dropping out, delaying the launch.

A BT spokesperson has insisted the plans are still on track.  BT also has access to its own 4G spectrum, which it paid £186 million for last year as part of Ofcom’s spectrum auction, and BT could choose to launch its network without the technology involved.

BT hopes to return to the consumer mobile market more than a decade after BT Cellnet became O2.