Liverpool named best UK city for mobile performance


London comes in fifth in RootMetrics study that looks at customer signal experience across all networks

A RootMetrics study into mobile performance on all networks across the UK has found that Liverpool is the best city for calls, texts and data.

The independent survey looked at how customers experience mobile performance in the 16 biggest cities in the UK and found that Liverpool came top, beating Manchester and Coventry into second and third respectively.

Birmingham came fourth while London languished in fifth, mainly due to its poor performance in the calls category.

Hull came bottom overall as the Yorkshire city was bottom for both data and texts.  Liverpool topped all three categories, with Manchester coming second in both texts and data.  Coventry was runner-up for calls.

To perform the tests, RootMetrics drove more than 25,000 miles during the first half of 2014 and collected more than 920,000 samples across the four networks.  The results were then collated and averaged for each of the 16 cities.

RootMetrics CEO and President Bill Moore said: “The top performing metro areas of the UK are seeing huge competition between the network operators. We conduct large-scale studies on mobile network performance in each city to provide more depth and transparency around how the networks truly perform in each area.

“This deeper look into our results shows that the level of performance people experience can hugely vary depending on where they live. Whilst geographically Hull may not be that far from Liverpool, when it comes to mobile performance, it’s light years behind. Given its importance to the UK economy and our increasing reliance on mobile devices for commerce, it is a surprise that London did not come in first a single category and, overall, only came fifth.”

Rank City Weighted Performance Average: Overall
1 Liverpool 92.53
2 Manchester 90.92
3 Coventry 90.14
4 Birmingham 89.64
5 London 88.86
6 Edinburgh 88.42
7 Nottingham 88.11
8 Leicester 87.16
9 Belfast 87.13
10 Newcastle 87.05
11 Bristol 86.75
12 Glasgow 86.34
13 Sheffield 85.44
14 Cardiff 84.38
15 Leeds and Bradford 83.54
16 Hull 78.49

*Rootmetrics averaged RootScores for the first half of 2014 for each city across the four networks. Those averages are then weighted by the estimated national percentage of subscribers on a given network. This means that if one network has a higher share of subscribers than another, that network’s scores are weighted more heavily to ensure that the total score is representative of the current mobile landscape. Tests show percentage of successful calls, texts and data average across the networks taking into account reliability and speed and calculated using Rootmetrics propriety Rootscore algorithm.